Black Eagle

Expelled from the Elite Black Eagles flying team after he carrying out a dangerous dare-devil stunt at an air show, South Korean Air Force pilot Tae-hun is demoted and sent to a combat unit where he soon raises conflict with the unit's ace top gun Cheol-hui. However, he gets along well with the remaining comrades and finds himself fall for lovely brilliant technician Se-young. When a North Korean MIG fighter threatens, the group is assigned to a reconnaissance mission which leads to a gripping dogfight resulting in one member dead and another missing. Cheol-hui and Tae-hun team up to rescue their missing fellow and prevent a massive war.

Genres: ActionRomanceDrama

Actors: RainJoon-sang YooSeong-su Kim

Directors: Dong-won Kim

Country: Korea

Duration: 113 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6