Knight and Day

On the flight back to Wichita, June Havens accidentally acquainted with the charming and mysterious guy, Roy Miller. Only after several chats, she were blown away by the beauty and the talent in speaking of Roy. Everything suddenly changed when June turned out from the bathroom. All passengers, flight attendants and two pilots on board were killed, leaving only one survivor Roy. He warned her about the visits of the Secret Service of the government yesterday. Indeed, it happens again Roy saved Junes from danger one again. The chase takes them around the world, from the ancient city of Boston to the majestic Alps in Austria and to the beautiful city - Seville in Spain.

Genres: ActionRomanceComedy

Actors: Tom CruiseCameron DiazPeter Sarsgaard

Directors: James Mangold

Country: United States

Duration: 109 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 6.3